About the Collaborative

This Collaborative started as a group of partners all working to understand and support the movement to address racism as a public health crisis. Over the past year, it has evolved and expanded, connecting partners who are advancing health, racial equity and anti-racism work through research, communication, policy, advocacy, and the development of resources and frameworks to support organizations and communities engaging in this work.

The Collaborative identifies and shares essential resources to help people starting out in health, racial equity and anti-racism work.

We are committed to helping communities focus on ACTION. We created this space to streamline access to information, help people make connections, and inform solutions that will advance health and racial equity. We aim to improve community wellbeing, and address and redress the tangible, daily harms of systemic racism for all people.

While the Collaborative is led by a core team, it is open to all people and organizations committed to advancing health and racial equity.

What we do

  • Collaboration: Increasing reach and achieving greater impact by connecting partners and facilitating collective efforts to develop and share resources and take action.
  • Communications: Informing the national narrative about the impact of racism and other structural factors on the systems that shape our health and well-being, resources to support the work, and raising awareness of partners.
  • Community: Centering and amplifying community-led efforts and community-generated ideas to advance health equity, racial equity, and justice.
  • Policy: Assessing, designing, and sharing legal and policy solutions that advance health, racial equity and anti-racism efforts.
  • Research: Connecting people to evidence and expertise and identifying opportunities to collaborate on research projects.
  • Upstream/Macro-level Change: Changing systems by making information accessible, identifying ways to take action, and building partnerships to advance health and racial equity initiatives that improve the wellbeing of all people, particularly those who have been affected by structural discrimination.

Who we reach 

This Collaborative is for everyone. We all have a stake in promoting health equity, anti-racism action, and creating healthier, more equitable communities. We also are a resource for communities that have been disproportionately harmed by racism and other forms of discrimination.

Guiding Principles

How we work together

  • Co-creation                      
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment 
  • Respect        
  • Trust

How we approach this work

  • Accessibility  
  • Capacity-Building focused
  • Community-informed
  • Design for sustainability
  • Engagement and Empowerment
  • Equity  
  • Intersectionality  
  • Justice
  • Liberation
  • Love through Action