Collaborative for Anti-Racism & Equity (CARE)

This Collaborative started as a group of partners all working to understand and support the movement to address racism as a public health crisis. Over the past year, it has evolved and expanded, connecting partners who are advancing health and racial equity through research, communication, policy, advocacy, and the development of resources and frameworks. This is a space for anyone engaging in health equity, racial equity, and anti-racism work to access essential resources to inform your work, whether you are just starting out or are further along in your journey.

Share Your Voice: Join the Peer Learning Community

The  Anti-Racism in Public Health Peer Learning Community launched in January 2023. Be a part of the community and connect with other public health practitioners, community organizers, health departments, and other partners to share, learn, and grow in the work around declarations of racism as a public health crisis. Register at the link to be informed about future meeting dates.  The next meeting is October 16, 2023, register here to attend!

Featured Resources – Civic Health Month

In Solidarity Podcast: Civic Health
This podcast by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps explores the connections between power, place, and health. In the Civic Health series, hosts Ericka Burroughs-Girardi and Beth Silver interview health equity experts about the relationship between civic health, individual health, and the health of our communities.

Civic Health Month Events & Actions
This month is a time to focus on the connection between voting and health and to amplify efforts to create a healthy democracy. Join an event this month to celebrate, learn, and take action to improve the civic health of your community.

Compendium on Civic Engagement and Population Health
Over the past decade, there has been increasing recognition that voting and other forms of civic engagement are connected to individual and population health. This Compendium is a collection of research on civic engagement and population health that explores this connection. It provides an overview of key concepts, indicators and measures, and data sets relevant to civic engagement, health, and equity.

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The Collaborative wants to uplift examples of work being done to advance health and racial equity. Let us know about laws, policies, best practices, or research to highlight.

A multi-ethnic, multi generational group openly discusses  issues in their community.

Collaborative Partners

Learn more about each of the Collaborative’s Core Partners and find key resources developed by each partner to advance health equity, racial equity, and anti-racism action.

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