Collaborative for Anti-Racism and Equity (CARE)

This Collaborative started as a group of partners all working to understand and support the movement to address racism as a public health crisis. Over the past year, it has evolved and expanded, connecting partners who are advancing health and racial equity through research, communication, policy, advocacy, and the development of resources and frameworks. This is a space for anyone engaging in health equity, racial equity, and anti-racism work to access essential resources to inform your work, whether you are just starting out or are further along in your journey.

Featured Resources

Necessary Conversations: Understanding Racism as a Barrier to Achieving Health Equity
This free e-book from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation explores how to have authentic conversations about race and the history of this nation, particularly regarding structural racism and the harms of racial injustice. Honest conversations about structural racism and racial inequities are important to promote strategies to advance racial equity.

School Segregation Reduces Life Expectancy
in the U.S. Black Population by 9 Years

This article in the journal Health Equity evaluates segregation as a cause of reduced high school graduation rates among Black students, and explores the association between lack of high school completion and a reduction in Black life expectancy.

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