CARE Webinars

This page hosts archived recordings of CARE webinars.

8/24/23 – Equity in Action: How Communities can Drive Implementation of Declarations of Racism as a Public Health Crisis

The Collaborative for Anti-Racism & Equity (CARE) is hosted its first webinar on 8/24/23 . In this 90-minute presentation, hear from our partners and we discuss our work to support and address racism as a public health crisis.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Describe barriers to achieving racial equity
  • Explain how governmental programs to achieve racial equity comply with the 14th Amendment and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Assess community involvement in declarations of racism as a public health crisis and identify opportunities for community to be authentically centered in political processes
  • Identify limitations and opportunities for narrative change in news coverage of policy efforts to declare racism a public health crisis
  • Learn more about the history of declarations
  • Understand their role in public health
  • Learn more about APHA’s racism declarations tracking map


Lawrence Haynes – American Public Health Association
Dawn Hunter – Network for Public Health Law
Camara Jones – O’Neill-Lancet Commission on Racism, Structural Discrimination, and Global Health
Catherine Labiran – The Praxis Project
Crystal Lewis – The Institute for Healing, Justice, & Equity
Hina Mahmood – Berkeley Media Studies Group
Ruqaiijah Yearby – The Institute for Healing, Justice, & Equity